Saturday, June 14, 2008

Branding and Marketing for Future Releases!

... so is this a great idea or a C&D magnet? :P

LotFP: RPG Audio Promo


  1. I slept in this morning and am still groggy so I am flummoxed as to what C&D is. :) My comment on the audio is that you either need to put a longer pause between princess because to me they morphed into one word and it took me a moment to understand what you said.

  2. The sleight of tongue is kind of the point.

  3. It's... ok. And that's it.

    I mean, with a name like Lamentations of the Flame Princess, you need something more. That name is full of over-the-top exotic. It wants barbarian splendor, ancient decadence, and scantily clad babes lounging with giant, snow-white smilodons atop a mammoth's pelt.

    An elevator speech, even a good one, from the guy in khakis you met last week at the gaming store just doesn't sound like LotFP to me.

    - Brian

  4. First of all, I haven't worn khakis in eight years. I resent that remark. :P Of course I'm job hunting now and with my luck I'll be wearing khakis at my next job. That's... not a nice thought.

    Second, this is sort of just a way to introduce the imprint name, and the little trick of the tongue that it is, to see if it's a good idea. Not like I'm going to use this exact wording as ad copy or anything. :D This entire thing was about 15 minutes from first idea to having a friend add the deeper tone to the voice. heh.

  5. I meant to say between princess and presents, but I think you understood anyway. Its your add so if you like the sleight of tongue keep it. I just think the speed bump in understanding the sleight takes away from your message. Is your point that you are a witty spokesman or is it that your games are wickedly deadly and only the strong and wise will survive? I don't like teh reverb, its sound to much like electronic feedback instead of an echoing dark chamber