Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mike Mornard Takes Your Questions!

Mike Mornard, the (only?) guy who played D&D under Gary Gygax, Dave Arneson, and Phil Barker, is taking general questions concerning the early days of the game. He started playing with these guys before the game was ever published, so he might know a thing or two...

Other notables to have Q&As going online are Dave Arneson, Rob Kuntz, David Cook, Tracy Hickman, Steve Marsh, Tim Kask, James Ward, and Frank Mentzer.

Gygax himself used to have such threads on Dragonsfoot (check out the archive here), Enworld, and the Trolllord boards. And it's a shame that he's no longer here to answer questions.

These other guys are still here. If you've got a question, ask.

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