Monday, October 14, 2013

Tower of the Stargazer goal ACHIEVED! 3 Days Left!

So that Ref book crowdfunding thing you see the widget for there on the right...

3 days left.

Where we stand:

For the base 30€, you get the Ref book, which includes 54 (and counting) 100+ word commentaries between Frank Mentzer, Zak S, Michael Curtis, and Kenneth Hite, and 13 monsters by Aeron Alfrey and Rafael Chandler.

PLUS you get Death Frost Doom 4th printing AND Tower of the Stargazer 2nd printing, as separate books!

PLUS a PDF of Michael Curtis' new mini-adventure A Single Small Cut (in print if you go in for 100€ or more total).

All of this separately in retail after the campaign will set you back over 60€.

Plus there's tons of extras you can add on.

Serious question: Is there a better deal in gaming?