Sunday, October 6, 2013

Next Goal: Tower of the Stargazer

The next stretch goal we're going for in the Ref book campaign is a Tower of the Stargazer reprint.

So if you go in for the Ref book now, you definitely get the Ref book + Death Frost Doom + a Michael Curtis mini-adventure in PDF for the price of just the Ref book.

Enough of you doing that will cause Tower of the Stargazer to be added on at no additional cost. (Well, possibly a couple more bucks for shipping.)

604 people follow this page. Quick check shows 203 unique supporters of the campaign so far.

If you other 400 people signed on at just the PDF level (10€), we'd hit the Stargazer goal and then some. If you all signed on at the regular Ref book level (30€), we'd not only hit the Stargazer goal but there'd be two more adventures and LOADS of book improvements (maybe all the adventures in hardcover?) that you'd get at no extra (except a few bucks for shipping) charge.

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