Thursday, October 3, 2013

LotFP Ref Book Crowdfunding Campaign: What You Get, Where We're At

See the campaign and dump money into it here.

We've accumulated 14190€ so far with 14 days to go. That's pretty damn good.

But there's so much more to do, like more adventure reprints, if we can.


  • A DISCOUNT. While pledges on Ref books (plus stretch goal adventures) do not include shipping (no extra shipping will be charged for purchased extras though), right now we're looking at a retail price of 40€ for the physical Ref book + 12€ for Death Frost Doom, before taxes or shipping after the campaign.

    But you don't pay that much to get them if you back the Ref book campaign. You can pledge for a 30€ Standard Ref Book perk and that'll include DFD, plus as a backer you'll get bookmark ribbons in your Ref book. Hell, the limited edition cover version through the campaign is now cheaper (38€) than the normal version will be when it goes on sale after it's printed.
  • That means that yes, Death Frost Doom, revised 4th printing with a new Yannick Bouchard cover, is included as a separate book with all Ref book pledges. If you go for the PDF level, you get the adventure in PDF, if you go for a print version, you get the print version.
  • A new short adventure (commissioned for 3000-3500 words) by Michael Curtis, delivered independently of the Ref book. EVERYONE going in for at least 10€ gets this as a PDF; those putting 100€ or more into the campaign gets this as a print edition. It'll be a fully-produced mini-release, available for sale to the public as a PDF-only thing when it's ready, but backers here get it free.
  • 47 Commentaries have been purchased which means the book - for everyone! - will include over a thousand words written by Frank Mentzer, Zak S, Michael Curtis, and Kenneth Hite - EACH. This amount is sure to increase before the end.
  • 8 new monsters created by Aeron Alfrey and Rafael Chandler will be included in the Ref book. We'll probably have more of these by campaign's end.
  • Lots of brand new art, with b/w art by Eric Lofgren, Aeron Alfrey, and Jason Rainville, and new color art by Aeron Alfrey, Jason Rainville, Yannick Bouchard, Olli Hihnala, and more!
  • Completely revised text from the Grindhouse Ref book (including a new Creature Generator and Adventure Generator sections among others) with a new layout by Mattias Wickström to match the new Rules & Magic layout, and editing by Joshua Yearsley.

And that's all for 10€ in PDF, or 30€ for the standard, 38€ for the limited cover, or 60€ for both versions of the physical Ref book + shipping to be paid later (7,50€ estimated amount, economy class).


The more people get involved here, the more EVERYBODY gets. So bug your friends and your family and your pets and people on whatever message board you frequent to go in for at least the basic Ref book and who knows how much more we can add on.

So many cool extras available too:

  • Zzarchov Kowolski's THULIAN ECHOES, an adventure where PCs find an old adventure journal, and then players take over the roles of the original adventurers and go through the adventure, with the idea that whatever they do is what ends up in the journal. And when they're done, their original PCs see what happened way back when, and can delve into the dungeon hoping to avoid the errors of the previous group. It's a clever setup. 10,000+ word adventure there, and Yannick Bouchard is working on the cover as we speak.
  • A 12-piece DICE SET, 1x d4, 1x d6 (numbers), 3x d6 (pips with a Dead Sign in the 1 spot), 1x d8, 1x d10 (0-9), 1x d10 (00-90), 1x d10 (000-900), 1x d12, 1x d20, 1x d30

    (All Gardening Society members that back a physical Ref book get a set of dice included at no extra charge.)
  • CUSTOM ART by Olli Hihnala drawn directly in your book!
  • A SLIPCASE that will fit both this hardcover Ref book and the recently released hardcover Rules & Magic book. The slipcase features this new art by Olli Hihnala wrapping around the whole thing:
  • A REFEREE SCREEN, three panels, 89cm or so long, with this custom Matthew Ryan art on one side:
  • A T-SHIRT with new Aeron Alfrey art, a detail of a piece appearing in the Ref book:
  • A NOTE PAD! 48 page, A5-sized note pad. The book has graph paper on one side of each page spread and hex paper on the other - perfect for your mini One Page Dungeons and Wilderness or general notetaking needs. Cover art by Satine Phoenix:

And that's just stuff you can get for you!

  • We also have COMMENTARY! where you can sponsor your choice of Michael Curtis, Kenneth Hite, Frank Mentzer, or Zak S to write a minimum of 100 words on a subject of their choice in the book.
  • And we also have MONSTERS! where you can sponsor a new monster, including description stats and illustration, to be created by Aeron Alfrey and Rafael Chandler.

Thulian Echoes will be available in PDF after the campaign, but all other physical items here are BACKER EXCLUSIVE. You do NOT have to back the Ref book to get these extras, but you do have to order the extras through the campaign.