Monday, January 23, 2012

What My Players Taught Me Today: No Rope, No Problem! and What to Call the Natives?

In hostile territory with a number of incapacitated foes? Want to take prisoners but have nothing to tie them up with?

"Kill half of them and use their intestines to tie up the other half."

OK then.

Also, today's game was the first session that the PCs were stationed in St. Augustine as foreign mercenaries to do the dirty/dangerous jobs the Spanish don't want to risk their own men with.

I've been having the Spanish colonists there refer to the natives as, well, "natives."

The question came up, "Were they using the word 'Indians' at that time?"

Yes! Columbus thought he'd landed in the East Indies in 1492, which is why the indigenous people of the Americas were called Indians from the start.

However, another player a different point of view:

"I just call them goblins."

I think the garrison at St. Augustine needs a staff psychiatrist.

The fun part? Today's session was a murder mystery where it turns out the culprit had committed the deed in the name of peace, compassion, and Christ -- and the PCs let him get away with it.


  1. Sorry, but "to do the dirty/dangerous jobs the Spanish don't want to risk their own men with"... Obviously you are not talking about the historical Spanish :-)

  2. And if you're in a snowy area and you need to transport prisoners/former-prisoners, lash together some of the dead and dying into a sled, tie them to the living prisoners, and you're off.