Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Guess I Must Comment: Do I Care About D&D 5e?

Don't know yet.

Will Wizards license Death Frost Doom for release for 5e? If not, would I be able to release Death Frost Doom as a third-party 5e release?

Would it still essentially be Death Frost Doom if converted to 5e? Would I feel dirty for seriously attempting it?

When these questions are answered, I'll let you know if I care about 5e.

1 comment:

  1. WotC's mission to accommodate their splintered D&D gamers, new & old, is an ambitious one for sure. If done right, there will be no effort to run a LotFP adventure in 5e. I run your mods with DCC RPG and S&W with very little conversion, basically on the fly. You can't do that with 4e, but you can with 3e. I don't think you should care, unless you really want to get some official compatibility licence of some sort. Obviously increasing your fan-base is no-brainer.