Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What the Hell Is That Thing on the Table? VOTE!

The entries for the What the Hell is That Thing on the Table? contest are in.

Read them here.

Now vote for your favorite! The author of the entry that gets the most votes gets a 5€ coupon code for the LotFP store. A random person voting also gets a 5€ coupon code for the store. Good through 2012!

How to vote: Sent an email to The subject should be THING and the body of the email should be the post number of the entry (from the thread linked above) that you

Contest ends Sunday 11:59pm Helsinki time.

(I'll announce my own pick for the 10€ coupon code winning entry on Monday along with the winners here. I wouldn't want to influence the voting by revealing my pick now. Or maybe I got Elder Sign over the weekend and I've been playing with myself too much to have taken more than a quick glance at the entries as of yet.)