Thursday, May 12, 2011

Vornheim Review Roundup

Alexandrian, The 1 and 2 and 3 "I can pretty much guarantee you that if you have any interest in running urban-based fantasy at any point in your campaign, then you, too, will find it worth every penny."

Apprentice of Old School (English Translation)

Brighton Role-Players "The stated goal of the book is not only to allow a GM to create a city on the fly, but to make it interesting, memorable and fun, and I would argue that it more than succeeds in that task."

Dragonsfoot Forum "It is inspirational reading; the most so I have seen in maybe 25 years for any sort of RPG. "

Drawings and Dragons "So the real magic of the book, like I said before, is how it becomes easy to create textural elements, randomly or semi-randomly, with very little effort"

Grognardia "This compact book does contain enough genuinely useful material for detailing a fantasy city on the fly to make it indispensable to any referee whose campaign involves regular urban forays outside the dungeon."

Haque in Black "Smart and yet playful. A bold kick up the arse to other setting books."

Hite, Kenneth "[Vornheim] is like the first crash of Johnny Ramone's guitar across the bow of fantasy arena rock. Vornheim is, as I have said elsewhere, like the Sex Pistols covering Ptolus."

LeckerTHAC0! (English Translation)

Lost Papers of Tsojcanth 1 and 2 "First, pre-game judgment: the book rocks. It threads a path rarely taken: describing a campaign setting encoding its behaviour. "

Metagame (English Translation)

Other Side, The "I have to admit I am rather impressed... 5 out of 5 stars"

Places to Go, People to Be " It's inspiring and I want to skip work, press gang my players or co-workers and use it right now."

Planet Algol 1 and 2 " It's an innovative product, but it shouldn't be; that not an indictment of Vornheim but of what RPG products are generally produced." Forum Discussion

RPGSite Forum Discussion

Savage Swords of Athanor "This is really my cup or tea."

Seeking Wing, The "Everything you've read about it is true. Including and especially the talk about changing how people make stuff for their games."

Sky is Full of Dust, The "I want something that will make it easier for me to run sessions in cities with little or no prep, and I really want this Kit to do that for me; so, first impressions, does it do the job it sets out to do? My quick answer: yes!"

UK Roleplayers Forum Discussion "HOLY **** IT'S **** AWESOME!"

Underdark Gazette

Vaults of Nagoh "It's exactly what it says on the tin: a thunk-provoking tool kit that'll probably be great fun to unleash on the players."

Vorpal Dice "In some urban RPG’s, an unexpected player decision might be disastrously time consuming; not so with the aid of Vornheim. Vornheim provides the referee tools to handle any number of circumstances that might occur within a city adventure."

WrathofZombie'a Blog "This is quite simply one of the best and most useful RPG products that I have every purchased and read through in my entire gaming career."


  1. Thanks for the link back! I'm looking forward to more LotFP and Vornheim ideas to appear here and on Zak S blog! Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Have the pre-orders shipped and started to arrive at their destinations, or are these review copies that shipped before the pre-orders? I've spent some time with the PDF, but I'm eager for my printed copy to land in the mailbox.

  3. Pre-orders shipped out in four batches: April 20, 26, 28, and for orders including shirts, May 5.

    (after that orders have been shipped the next business day after I get them)

    Lots of those orders are still out there in postal land (2nd class shipping takes a couple weeks to arrive usually, 1st class usually within a week) and more are being delivered every day.

  4. Mine isn't a pre-order copy. I purchased mine from Drivethru RPG.

  5. Thanks, James. I expect I'll see mine soon then. Keep up the good work.

  6. For anyone who gives a poop I am doing a homebrew campaign using the city of Vornheim and the kit book. I will be explaining this over several posts :)

  7. Thanks for quoting me...the funny thing was that was my reaction to the PDF. Then I got my book. I really underestimated how cool it would turn out to be when holding it.

    This is the first product (well, gaming product) I've thought of buying a second collector's copy.

  8. Mine arrived today. I love it, and I reviewed it at

    Thanks to James, Zak, and the whole team for your great work on this product. You did good.