Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh Joy... Finnish Post Office Rates Increase June 1

It's not a large increase for the most part, but it can be a couple bucks depending on what you're ordering, and I have to increase my shipping rates to match.

For a couple of examples... For non EU orders:

An order for just Vornheim, 2nd Class: Is 2,60€ now, will become 2,90€
1st Class: Is 5,20€ now, will become 5,90€

If ordering just a Grindhouse box, 2nd class: Is 13,10€ now, will be 14,50€
1st Class: Is 23,80€ now, will become 24,00€

European rates remain the same so I should be able to continue to offer free shipping for orders over 10,00€, although there is all sorts of tax shenanigans under the surface there that I have to look at.

Parcel (over 2kg) pricing is changing significantly. 6 geographic zones will become 4, there will be no more 1st and 2nd class distinction, and the price breaks are every 5kg instead of every kg. If you're not in the EU, and you're looking at making a large order (weight-wise) from me, I'd do it no later than May 30, because shipping in bulk is about to get more expensive (but supposedly faster, for what that's worth).

Which will be just great for my distro and retail orders. :P

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