Friday, May 27, 2011

LotFP Stuff in the Webstores

Noble Knight, IPR, and Spharenmeisters Spiele all sold out of their first batches of the Grindhouse box. Spharenmeisters is already restocked, and new shipments are on the way to the other two. (they're all still stocked up on Vornheim). FRP Games is out of Vornheim, but has Grindhouses left. Troll & Toad has healthy stock.

Ulisses Spiel's F-Shop's shipment is on the way.

Spain's Tesoros de la Marca del Este got their copies of Grindhouse and Vornheim in stock yesterday.

If you're in Sweden or Finland, don't forget I've got a few stores in each carrying stuff.

Or you can order direct from me, :D

I also cleaned out the Where to Buy section there on the left. Only places that order direct from me get listed ( I don't get notified who buys my stuff through distro, so it's kind of unfair to list them haphazardly), and if someone doesn't order for 2 product cycles, then BAM, gone!

If you want to support your local game store and get your LotFP through them, have them contact Warpath Games in the US and Canada, or IPR, or have them get directly in contact with me.

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