Monday, December 20, 2010

Thank You, Somebody!

Just received Best of White Dwarf: Articles and Best of White Dwarf: Scenarios (both from 1980) in the mail today.

... only I didn't order them. And I found no note or card inside the package. It came from the UK, although the company name on the return address doesn't show up in Google or Ebay (but the shipping label has a Paypal logo on it...).

(yes, I get free stuff and turn into a fourth-class Sherlock Holmes with it... I'd never look a gift horse in the mouth but apparently I'd give it a rectal exam)

A pleasant surprise. Thanks, whoever sent this. :)


  1. My hunch is someone wanted you to see the adventure where they debuted the Susurrus, as it has a similar mechanic to DFD.

    That or just some strange case of the cosmos delivering you a happy the time I ordered a Jethro Tull cd and found that the music on it was actually a misprinted Nightwish disc.

  2. Not I, but what a great gift! Merry Christmas, James!

  3. Whomever was kind enough to send these to you, I think that we would all like to hear what you think of both magazines.

  4. Will do, but thus far I've only paged through them.