Friday, December 10, 2010

A Stranger Storm

Finally finished writing up the new introductory adventure that will be in the Grindhouse Edition box.

There are two likely combats, maybe half a dozen possible combats in all, none of which should be particularly challenging. It will be quite possible to be fully engaged in the adventure without rolling to hit once. Not likely, but perfectly possible.

No dungeon.

No traps. Not a single one.

No monsters that you'd recognize as such.

No magic to be found in any location, or able to be used by any NPC.

Guaranteed to create inter-party conflict, guaranteed to drive players crazy (no sanity checks for characters are necessary if the people at the table are freaking out for real!). Playtested. :D

Guaranteed to force choices that some would say should not even be in RPGs. Illustrated.

Cheesy yet appropriate tagline: Trust no one. Not even yourself.

Warning issued. Now to type the damn thing up.