Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I ran an in-store game earlier this evening. A writeup can be found here. I'm disappointed that the scene in the orphanage turned out that way.

Leisure Games has finally listed the latest LotFP items in its online catalog after it had been in the physical store awhile.

For Canadians, Le Valet d'Coeur has the box set. It's buried in the Indie Press Revolution section of the site.

Troll & Toad is listing the game for $45 these days. 7 left.

Bullet Points has reviewed the box set here.

RPG.net was talking about the game again here.

I'm going to have some new products available very soon. The purpose of these products is to offset art costs for future projects rather than be profitable on their own, so hopefully I can have really nice art in those future products without the price of those products reflecting the price of that art. The two products will be:

Green Devil Face #4. It'll be pdf only, no print edition. It's in editing and it'll still need to be laid out, but we're looking at about 100 A5 pages here. A few mini-adventures, a compilation of most of my contributions to Fight On!, plus a few regular GDF-like deathtraps from a few contributors, and more...!

The other thing... the less said for now, the better. I keep wanting to blab about things too early. It'll either be the best thing since DMV lines or it'll be totally lame. We'll see. OK, a hint: Prints.


  1. Heh. Le Valet d'Coeur has you listed as Lamentations of the Frost Princess. Maybe you should use that name for sequel.