Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Out of the Office

I am in Germany now... the Spiel booth is set up (Hall 6, Booth 313... see me for all your OSR needs, and I am sharing the booth with Arkkikivi who carry a great amount of Indie/Forge stuff).

Just to let you know I haven't had email access since yesterday afternoon, I am on a borrowed computer right now and once I hit "publish" here I will be completely off-line until Monday. (It's YourDungeonisSuck guy's perfect opportunity to publicize my work some more!)

Parting plug (I *am* in Germany to sell sell sell after all): Remember to join the Gardening Society (link to the left) now that you know there's Weird Fantasy Role-Playing second printing AND deluxe Carcosa (I wonder if the printer can satisfy a request to have the cover made of human skin?) AND Isle of the Unknown AND Vornheim City Kit AND Death Ferox Doom... and MMOOORREEE in 2011.

(Spiel is awesome before it even opened... Flying Buffalo is here, Otherworld Miniatures is here, Labyrinth Lord's German publisher is here, did you know Justifiers is IN PRINT in German? Yowya! Even if I sell thousands of euros worth of goods here, and I hope to, I could come back poorer than when I started if I start buying even a fraction of the cool stuff here.)

Anyway, see you all next week. Byyyeeeeeee....


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  2. Im pretty much awestruck that you peddle quite a variety of OSR goods, in Ropecon I was quite struck on the variety and thought if I linger a moment longer on your booth I'll leave with enough stuff to fill my living quarters and will be not eating until next payday.

  3. I unfortunately forgot to beg DORP TV to do an interview with you. *grmbl*