Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Join the Pembrooktonshire Gardening Society!

Tired of having neighbors who plant flowers in unflattering arrangements, throwing off the peace and respectability of your neighborhood? Tired of being invited to dinner parties where inferiorly-shaped carrots are served? Do you have fainting spells when you observe "ladies" doing their proper gardening duties in hideously out-of-fashion frocks, making a mockery of proper etiquette? Worse yet, are you one of these underclass miscreants?

Separate yourself from the unfashionable and ill-bred by becoming an official member of the Pembrooktonshire Gardening Society. Its exclusive membership allows one to be separated from the riff-raff and common ignorant folk and distinguishes you as a Gardener of superior distinction. By joining our Society, the problem of an unattractive lawn, and those who create such blights, can be dealt with.

Here's what you get when you join the Society:

  • A print of the LotFP Weird Fantasy Role-Playing cover on heavy stock glossy A4 paper
  • A hand-numbered and signed Certificate
  • A laminated membership card
  • A 25% Discount off of a single order from the LotFP Webstore (or when buying from LotFP in person at a convention!) in 2011

This is for Charter Membership in the Society... orders will be taken only through October 31, and then membership is closed. Only the exact number of prints, certificates, and cards to fulfill orders will be made - no extras. Even I'm not keeping one. The order for the prints will go in November 1, and when ready (probably no more than a couple days) will be shipped Priority Class to you.

In addition to the second printing of the game being available very early in the new year, there are other projects that will be done in Q1 2011 that I'm not allowed to tell you yet (how's that for a sales pitch?), but at least three of them will be retailing for $20 or more. Death Ferox Doom is right now penciled in to cost $25, conversion rates willing. There will be plenty of new stuff for you to apply your discount against. Hell, wait until December 2011 and get everything I'll be publishing next year at once (at least 1 totally new box set in 2011 as well!)... the discount is for an entire order, not any one item.

This is is being done to subsidize artwork. All profits from these Gardening Society memberships (about 10€ after printing, mailing, and Paypal fees) will go against the art costs of future projects so those art costs don't all get factored in to product pricing. A second method of subsidizing art, the PDF-only Green Devil Face #4, will hopefully be posted to the PDF vendor sites on Friday, Monday at the latest. It's looking to be about 90 pages and will be $5.

  • When ordering a Membership, include in the message exactly which name you would like written on the certificate. If there is no such message, then the name automatically sent with Paypal orders will be used.
  • If your contact email address is different than your Paypal email address, also include that in the message. The LotFP webstore will get all fancified December/January and I'll be emailing individual Coupon Codes for your 25% discount.
  • Membership card must be shown to get the discount in person

The payment button is up on the left.


  1. A very cool way to fund the art! Thanks!

  2. Thank you (and the others so far that have joined)... I was worried that nobody would think this is real or something. :)

  3. Thanks Jim. It's what I always wanted. To be a Pembrooktonshire Gardening Society card carrier.

  4. Join the cabal before the cabal joins you.

  5. So - how many gardeners are we right now?

  6. 33% more than I estimated there would be.

  7. +1 (not that you will see this until next week)