Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kickstarter. LAST DAY.

We've hit $15,000 so we're at Platinum Free RPG Day participation but Feb 20, 11:59pm EST (LESS THAN ONE DAY LEFT) all the rewards are still up for grabs. Exclusive print versions, custom dice, exclusive T-shirt, all that fun stuff.

Click the widget there on the right to go to the Kickstarter page with the full details.

Related: Olli Hihnala (gallery here) is doing the illustration/map for Tower of the Navelgazer and is also doing the cover for the Kickstarter Sixth Level reward of Tower of the Navelgazer/Dungeon of the Unknown/Lamentations of the Gingerbread Princess/Another Shitty Adventure all in one book. Here's the rough of that:

It's going to be a long evening and night of staring at the Kickstarter screen. :P

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  1. This is the third kickstarter in a month where I've been reminded final day by a blogpost having ignored my email inbox. A number I missed as they only emailed :).