Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Art from the Kickstarter Project (So Far!)

Lots of good stuff getting done for the Kickstarter. We're going to print at least some copies of the Better Than Any Man adventure, but we're still $6000 from doing the 9000 copies to go out free to the game stores.

Just $15 gets you, in PDF:

  • PDFs of Geoffrey McKinney's Dungeon of the Unknown
  • Zzarchov Kowolski's Lamentations of the Gingerbread Princess
  • My own Tower of the Navelgazer
  • My Another Shitty Adventure
  • The Random Esoteric Creature Generator (both my original and Goodman Games' versions!)
  • Robert "Thorkhammer" Pinnell's Daughters of the Deep
  • A short PDF of monsters and an essay I did for the This Just In From GenCon podcast crowdfunding effort last year.

That's a deal and a frickin' half, if you ask me. Plus there are seven more levels of rewards (the $25 level gets you all that, a couple more PDFs, plus a few print items), plus a ton of extra stuff you can add to any level.

And while a couple of people donated their PDFs to the cause to be nice/drum up awareness for their other efforts, most of the 3rd party publishers involved in the rewards get a royalty so you're putting some money in their pockets as well.

And some of the promised completed art from the Kickstarter projects: