Tuesday, September 18, 2012

God that Crawls, Joop van Ooms, Poster, NOW AVAILABLE!!

The God that Crawls (Print/PDF and PDF-only versions), The Magnificent Joop van Ooms (Print/PDF and PDF-only versions), and the poster of the full Ooms wraparound cover art are all on sale in the LotFP store NOW!

(If you were a Monolith/God that Crawls IndieGoGo contributor, you should have gotten an email from me with the title "THE GOD THAT CRAWLS Link." If you did not, contact me before ordering anything from the store!)

Also, all non-LotFP items in the store are just 5€ each (4€ if you a Gardening Society member). That's a 75% discount in some cases. Get them out of my house! I need space for all the new stuff coming in this year!

A bit of bad focus and lighting (each picture is from the same spot on the same table to give you an idea) but this is the physical format of The God that Crawls:


  1. Ordered!
    If I had more expendable wealth I would order a few of those adventures too.

  2. Great. Added The Magnificent Joop van Ooms. One thing, though...I notice that there are gaps in the various tables. I've skimmed through and it doesn't say whether this is a problem with the PDF or is intentional (for GMs to add their own options?)...