Friday, September 14, 2012

GDF5 Goof Replacement Crit Cards!

So the print GDF5s that went out with Monolith have a bad layout goof on page 2.

(the PDFs for sale do not have this error; if you were sent the early errorfied PDF from before they went on sale to the non-contributors, let me know)

To make up for this, all you supporters who got the physical copies of GDF5 with Monolith will get a make-up thingy in your God that Crawls shipment: A full color gloss-laminated A6-sized card with the "Natural 20s" chart on one side, "Natural 1s" on the other.

Just got them back from the printers and they look swweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

Still looking like Tuesday for receiving The God that Crawls, and The Magnificent Joop van Ooms and its accompanying poster are here ready to go on sale alongside it.