Friday, August 24, 2012

God that Crawls to the Printer! + Updates!

(LotFP will be on holiday starting this afternoon. Orders placed through the store will not be shipped until September 3.)

God that Crawls is at the printer. But it will NOT have the Early Modern Supplement included; there's too much to do there involving new rules and research to do fun stuff that need actual play to see if they work and just kinda skipping that would be a BAD IDEA, and at the same time it was going to overshadow the actual adventure. It needs to be a separate book. So no reason to delay the already-completed GtC any more.

Monolith/God contributors will get this Early Modern book FREE as if it was part of their core contribution when it's ready. The idea now is that it will go to press alongside the hardcover and Hite's adventure and Zzarchov's adventure.

(The firearms rules will go up as a free PDF sometime this coming month when I have the marbles to get that together. The rules for them are a wee bit more complicated than for crossbows - concerning reload times mainly, but there's a character sheet redesign in the works so all the info will be at your fingertips during actual play.)

This creates a bit of layout complication as well, as the sponsors page that was going in the back of the Early Modern book now needs to be in the God that Crawls section which means a piece of art that was there (that was commissioned after the first layout was done) either gets bumped completely or... we're going to have something on the inside back cover. The pic attached here is that very piece (by Jason Rainville).

(God that Crawls is mean to players in a completely different way than Monolith is - it's a dungeon adventure where the players do not set the pace of exploration at their leisure, but it does also contain a couple paragraphs of me taking the piss out of the idea that you're supposed to follow game material like a Bible in the spirit of the "time paradox" bit in Monolith so if you didn't like that bit then get ready because this one's sillier. BTW I've added no new content to the God since Monolith came out so some of the stuff that seems like it might be a reaction, isn't, but they were originally supposed to be released together so...)

Writing is complete for the next mini-module, The Magnificent Joop van Ooms (about an NPC and his lair and his works and plot hooks to work him into a campaign). It's up to everyone else to get it together while I'm gone and hopefully that goes to press September 3 so it's ready for Tracon. It will go on sale to the general public with God that Crawls, with the same arrangement as Monolith/DLD. There will also be an A1-size poster (or perhaps a poster flag if that company gets back to me...) of the cover art (by Rainville, and the prelims are looking fan-fucking-tastic) available.

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