Tuesday, August 14, 2012

160+ Packages Sent Out

Everyone who signed up for the Monolith IndieGoGo or ordered in the past 24 hours, your books are in the mail.

It's been a busy couple days... forgive me if those of you due tracking numbers don't get them until tomorrow. I need a breather.

I'm glad I finally have a couple of adventures out there. It's been two years since I've had my own totally new stuff out there. I finally have definite things to point to and say "This is what I mean by Weird Fantasy." An identity that's different than the other games out there using the same base mechanics and the final word in the argument about whether these games can really do things that don't feel like they're 1980. There are no limits, creatively or commercially.

Sold 79 Death Love Dooms the first 24 hours they were on general sale (in addition to the 25 sold at Ropecon so less than half of the print run remains), not bad for an adventure that's basically had no info about it released beyond "it's icky!"

Monolith is the most-played adventure I've released and has been in the works for over a year, and I think it's the best and most distinctive thing I've done to date. Really went all-out to make sure the presentation was absolutely first class.

You guys give these things the word of mouth they deserve... I've got loads to do. I want ten more things out by the end of this year (God, small adventure for Tracon, small adventure for Dragonmeet, Hite's adventure, the hardcover, the 4 adventures that got funded, Zzarchov's, oh yeah plus the 2 exclusives from the adventure campaign and the new non-exclusive... that's more than ten).



  1. Just ordered Death Love Doom last night. I wanted to go for Monolith instead, knowing that if DLD is as "icky" as I've read, I'll probably never have a group to play it with. It was the unreasonable allure of a ltd ed that made me go for it. Have to wait a couple weeks for Monolith I guess.
    Will the Tracon & Dragonmeet adventures eventually be available for sale, and if so will they be limited print editions?

    1. Yes and yes. They'll be handled the same way DLD was; go on sale at the convention, then go on sale to everyone else at the same time as the next "full" release.

      The Tracon adventure is going to have an A1 size poster done of the cover. Too soon to say what the Dragonmeet adventure will have.

  2. Just got mine yesterday and finished reading it today! Fantastic!

    Plenty of grist for any gaming mill, no matter how much or how little of it you wish to use due to the compartmentalization of the encounters/effects.

    I can't recommend it highly enough!

  3. 160+ packs it is great!