Monday, May 7, 2012

More Art! Yaaayyy!

The other pic bought by the Monolith/God that Crawls stretch goal. The color page will go between the adventure, with the first side being Rainville's pic that is now this blog's header image, and this Longmore piece here being the other side... matching the fact that Rainville is handling all the God that Crawls stuff and Longmore's doing all the rules supplement stuff.

This is getting a lot bigger than I thought it would when I started the fund drive. I think the pledgers are going to come out ahead... yay!


  1. You've got to admire people trying to fight the plague with artillery...

  2. The art is absolutely fantastic. Nowhere near what we usually see in frp games!

  3. Hah - I used exactly that kind of plague masks in the pitch for my upcoming LotFP campaign. Awesome.

    Not to sound too impatient, but do you have an ETA for the books/pdfs - it's just that I got 5 players waiting to make characters, characters with guns!

  4. Amazing that the Flame Princess is still alive. Still being awesomely bad-ass even with a peg-leg!