Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Don't Trust the Widget - 3 Days Left, $2260 to Hite!

Yeah, these widgets seem to be good at letting you know there's a crowdfunding campaign going on and not very good at being up to date.

The campaign ends 11:59pm Pacific time on Friday. So maybe that's 4 days left?

Anyway, we're over $11,000 so if the Hite goal isn't reached, then I'll do the Rules and Magic books as two separate hardcovers, each with new Cynthia Sheppard covers.

If we hit $13,500, the Rules & Magic will be one hardcover (with a new Sheppard cover) but I'll go ahead and make up the difference to get the Kenneth Hite adventure done.

$2260 to hit that mark, eh? How does that break down...

We'd need:

  • 103 Finns to go in for the rulebook or
  • 76 non-Finns to go in for the rulebook or
  • 57 people to go in for the Players Advantage or
  • 29 Finns to go for the Group Pack or
  • 21 non-Finns to go in for the Group Pack or
  • 13 people to go in for the Melted by Slime pack or
  • 8 people to go in for the Fertility Goddess pack or
  • 1 maniac to go for the Drooling Fanboy option (in which case the above would then be needed to then hit the Mentzer pack!)...
Or some combination of the above.

It's possible, people. I'm willing but lack funds to just say "DO ALL THE THINGS!" If you like the idea of a Hite adventure for LotFP, now would be a nice time to show it.

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  1. This puts people like me, who want Rules and Magic split more than they want the Hite adventure, in the awkward position of hoping that the campaign doesn't get to $13,500 -- unless, of course, it then continues far enough beyond $15,000 that you again can afford to split Rules and Magic, but not so far that you can afford to fund the Mentzer adventure instead.

    But at least this is merely a rare case of possibly having to be satisfied with the lesser of two goods.