Wednesday, April 4, 2012

March Art Challenge Entries + April's Art Challenge!

First, March's winner and cover for Green Devil Face #5:

by Daniel O'Donnell:

And our other entries (in order by filename):

For April... no prize, just bragging rights... here is the topic:

 Evil Inn!

The PCs are resting peacefully at an inn after a long day's travel/adventuring/saving the world/robbing the peasants/whatever. Something strange and evil has followed them there and is about to strike!

Email your entries to with the subject name Evil Inn! Include your name and website so your pic can get you some fame. All entries will be posted here at the beginning of May.


  1. Fantastic art. I really love the winner's picture. I also like the one by Jasper Polane.

  2. Great work by everyone. Congrats to Daniel.

    I also like the one by Jasper Polane.


  3. O'Donnells work is top notch.

    I like all of those illustrations, there is something that reminds me of old WHFRP and Fighting Fantasy books in many of those, with crazy mutant creatures the PC'a are facing and all.

    I dig how the the hair is drawn on Polane's work.

  4. Yeah, all awesome. Congrats to O'Donnell.
    BTW, what are the skull spoon thingies hanging from the tree limbs?

    1. Although I'm not D O'D, I do have the blurb that he wrote when we were throwing ideas around for the artwork/my LotFP campaign:

      "The Spoon-Eater of Dartlingford

      Travellers to Dartlingford are recommended to take part in an ancient custom where they each leave a silver spoon at the crossroads for safe passage. The spoons never stay long, but the reason behind the superstition has passed into myth.

      (He gnaws them into skulls)

      If you are ever walking in the woods near Dartlingford and you hear a jingling, and maybe a quiet gnawing noise...
      Run like fuck

      Even hardened steel breaks on his eldritch hide. They say if you bring him a gift of a full set of silverware he can impart dread secrets. (But one must be prepared anyway - he will kill for them if he thinks he can)"

      I think that that may have been a post-hoc explanation though. At the time we were shooting the breeze and, well "No fire, no steel, only silver. Just because I want to see someone kill a demon with a spoon". You're welcome to come up with one of your own.

  5. I was working on this illustration for the challenge but I din't had the time to finish it:
    Also the format was wrong, I would had to make it more like a square.
    But it was fun to drawn. :)