Thursday, March 1, 2012

LotFP Art Challenge: March 2012!

I've been thinking about this for awhile. The LotFP Art Challenge!

At the start of every month, I'll throw out an idea, a concept. Artists that wish to participate will produce a piece based on that concept, and at the beginning of the next month all the entries will be posted here (linked back to the artist's site), with the "winner" (as selected by me) getting the top spot in the post.

Sometimes there will be a small prize, sometimes it will just be for fun.

Artists retain all rights to their work - this will not be for publication beyond this blog unless specified in that month's concept.

This time around I am looking for some art to put on the cover of Green Devil Face #5.

GDF #5 will be a freebie extra for the Monolith/God contributors for the crowdfunding campaign (we've hit 50% funding, YAY!), and also released as a $1 or so PDF. Not a "real" commercial product.

Previously I've used public domain art for the covers of Green Devil Face, but I thought it would be fun to deal with the living this time.

I need a black and white line drawing, 300dpi, about 14x14cm, that would fit with LotFP Weird Fantasy Role-Playing (early 17th century fantasy/horror). No specific concept this time, just whatever the game inspires you to do.

Send it to with the subject "GDF#5 Cover." Only enter your own original work! Deadline March 31.

All entries will be posted here in early April with your name and a link to your site (include this info!).

One piece will be chosen for the cover of GDF#5, and by entering you agree that this is OK. You retain rights and simply grant me non-exclusive rights to use the piece for this one publication. You'll receive $25 plus a print and PDF copy of GDF#5.


  1. Can each artist submit multiple entries?

  2. Yes but if I think it's an excessive number of entries I reserve the right to not post all of them.