Saturday, December 17, 2011

Carcosa Reviews

The Alexandrian
All Games Considered 
Aventuras en la Marca del Este (English translation by Google Translate)
...and the sky full of dust
Armchair Gamer
City of Iron
Compromise and Conceit
The Dice are a Lie
Diehard GameFAN Part I and Part II
Dreams in the Lich House
Geeky & Genki
Gnome Stew
Grumpy RPG Reviews
How to Succeed in RPGs or Die Trying
In Places Deep
Kill It With Fire!
Lost in Time One Two
No School Like the Old School
Poltergeist (Polish)
Rollenspiel Almanach
Samwise7RPG Youtube Review  and Part II by azirk93 
Save vs Total Party Kill
Silver Lodge
Skull Crushing for Great Justice
Stargazer's World
Take on Rules
Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque Part I and Part II   
Tenkar's Tavern Part 1
Worlds in a Handful of Dice


Atomic Array
Terceira Terra 
Save or Die


  1. Adding my pennies worth too...

    p.s. congratulations on publishing two exceptionally fine publications. These are on par with anything that 'bigger' companies produce. Hope you're selling lots.

  2. This has appeared on my wish list for Christmas. I just hope my wife read it before she went Christmas shopping today!

    Good luck Jim

  3. Congratulations on Carcosa! I only skimmed through the PDF, but since I read the previous version I mostly knew what was in it. You've done a fine editing and layout job: sections reordered for comprehension, monsters/rituals hyperlinked and *alphabetical*, and a clean yet evocative layout. I can't wait for the dead tree version.

    BTW, you will link the inevitable pearl-clutching negative reviews, right?

  4. Do you know of Brian Lumley's Dreamlands series: I think it would fit in well with Carcosa.

  5. I'll be reviewing the book soon enough. All my best dude!

  6. I've posted two follow-up posts on Carcosa now, one on sorcerer rituals and one on the bestiary. I think i'll end up writing two more posts about it before I'm done. It's such an interesting book.

  7. And i'm done, here is one last review on the Hex Crawl: A Tour of Carcosa.