Monday, December 5, 2011

A Bit of Mischief

Just checking my stats...

The #3 search phrase used to find my blog in the past month: "naked elf"
The #10 search phrase: "hot elves"

Those that remember that post are feeling sorry for those web searchers right about now.

You'd think I'd get more hate mail than I do, right?


  1. Now you must post some naked elves, or they will kill you.
    On my blog most searched for phrase is... Mutation? Only mutation? Must check Terminal Space blog... nah, nothing special. Maybe I need to put some tits in the banner :D

  2. Hehe, I still get a steady handful of hits from that. I believe Johnathan Bingham is still considered a hot elf chick by Google.

  3. Hehe, yeah, Hot Elf Chick is by far my most popular post and the biggest search phrase on my blog.

  4. Er, how do you know what phrases are used to find your blog?

  5. The screen with blogspot settings has a "Stats" tab. The info is there.

  6. Excellent!! :D
    You should organize a challenge between the fans: the goal would be to find the weirdest or the least policaticaly correct keywords sequence that allows to find your blog. :)