Wednesday, August 12, 2009

NDiD and PoP Info up... and PDF Previews!

No Dignity in Death: The Three Brides promo blurb here.

People of Pembrooktonshire promo blurb here.

Green Devil Face #3 list of contents here (scroll to the bottom).

PDF previews of NDiD, PoP, and Death Frost Doom are here.

Crazy days ahead. I got everything mailed out yesterday, including the big box to Noble Knight and 17 contributor and review packages, including to people within the OSR that decry the use of pre-packaged adventures, including to general RPG reviewers that aren't part of the OSR, and even to one guy that one would think would support the OSR but seems to have a real nasty attitude about it.

If we want to grow, we can't be satisfied with easy applause or be content to stay in a little box in the corner. A "niche of a niche." We have every chance to be bigger than that. And I'm putting my money where my mouth is.

The official word from the post office is that the package to Noble Knight will take up to 24 working days. But last time, it took just 10 days (including holidays and weekends). They'll likely have the products listed on their site before I have them on mine (by just a few hours, hopefully), but as soon as I notice it, the forum spam onslaught is on!

If you are already interested in any of my releases, and if you are interested in the profile of this whole traditional revival thing (and if you're in North America; would be silly to ask this otherwise), I'm asking you to keep your eyes open and order from Noble Knight (from here) right around the time everything becomes available. Death Frost Doom hit #1 on their sales charts before selling out, but competition was weak. Mostly Free RPG Day castoffs.

This time, my stuff should hit that store right around the time all the hot GenCon releases are making their way there. Real competition.

Let's kick all their asses.


  1. Love the .pdf previews, Jim! Here's wishing you an overnight sell-out...:)

  2. Published between 1974 and 1983...what no love for 2nd edition or BECMI/RC people. Didnt' you read Jeff's post yesterday.

    And I'm keeping an eye on Noble Knight as I'll be getting the restock of Death Frost Doom as well as No Dignity in Death and People of Pembrooktonshire as soon as thy get in.

  3. At least the BE part of BECMI came out in 1983, and is the entire reason I chose that year as the end cutoff point, so it's in there. The RC is just a reorganization of this stuff so no need to mention it further.

    They'd certainly work with core 2e but I don't mention it because it would be "Core 2e But Not Kits or Skills & Powers" yadda yadda and it would just be ridiculous to footnote all that.

  4. Hmm...I didn't think kits would change much (it's mostly free NWP and a few +1 tweaks) but yeah, Skill&Powers would be right out.

  5. If you're using kits (or Unearthed Arcana options, while you're at it), that probably wouldn't change anything on the player end...

    but it still feels disingenuous to say my stuff is for games using them when I'll never use a single feature from them, and they certainly aren't kept in mind when being written or playtested.

  6. I'm looking forward to the new releases. I have everything you've put out so far and have been really impressed. I really like the whole DIY hobbyist gamer approach you enspouse. I'm on board for the new releases. Now, if only I could get off my lazy ass and produce something of my own instead of doing art for other people's projects...