Saturday, August 8, 2009

Another GDF Review


I hope Auld Skool Review manages to be a quality review site. We need them. If it manages that, I hope it gets the readership and publisher support to motivate Howarth to keep going.

It should have submission guidelines and contact information right there in the "About Me" area, and once a few reviews have been posted, an alphabetical list of reviews should be in the sidebar, linked of course to the reviews themselves.


  1. Those are good ideas, thanks. Now if I could just figure out how to post a link (to reviews, etc.) but not have the link show as just an URL. It can't be that difficult, since everyone seems to do it... must be missing something.

  2. Use the "Link List" gadget.

    Does the email address in your Blogspot profile work? ;)

  3. Done. Yeah, the address in the profile works, though the one I had listed in the About Me was missing something; just fixed that.