Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Yes yes... less than two weeks ago I was reminded that Ropecon was coming up.

Today, I've confirmed that, aside from the times where I'll be catching Chris Pramas and Greg Stolze presentations, I'll be running AD&D 1E games all weekend. In English. So I've got "
Palaver table 21" all weekend. Whatever that is. I'm going to be so lost. :D

I'm getting a few pdfs of classic modules to run... but... shit... I'll be making pregens all day tomorrow I think. And figuring out my schedule so I can post a few flyers around announcing start times of the various sessions. Shit! I'm so unprepared. I can run the adventures. I just don't know jack shit about this con. :P

What a weekend it's going to be...

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  1. Commenting in this dead, old and forgotten post just out of sheer surprise that nobody posted something similar to:
    "I was expecting that Ropecon was some kind of Norwegian bondage convention".