Saturday, August 9, 2008

Quick Ropecon Update

Ran Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan. Used the 3 pregens. TPK.

Ran White Plume Mountain. 6 players. Only one survived, with Wave, didn't get near the other two.

Ran a midnight Tomb of Horror session. 9 people showed up, 4 of them never having played D&D before. 5 dead (one of them twice), 3 of them found the treasure in the pews and decided enough was enough, one was trapped in that prison cube, crawled out using Spiderclimb, and left the dungeon. When they realized they'd survived the Tomb (even though they didn't reach halfway in), they gave themselves a round of applause. Even the players with dead characters stayed to watch til the end. Started at midnight, ended at 5:30am. Great success! The first room took an hour to get through. :D

A1 and C2 tomorrow.

Met Chris Pramas and Greg Stolze and gave them copies of the Creature Generator.

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