Wednesday, May 14, 2008

In Character: A Critical and Unauthorized Look at Disadvantages For Super-Powered HERO System Play

Last year I was running a HERO system supers game. I hadn't tried HERO in 15 years, and funny enough I ran into the same problems last year as I did all those years ago. The game itself is very well made, with lots of detailed character options and meaningful combat options. It is a monster to prepare for every week though, which is ultimately why I abandoned the campaign.

But the Disadvantages system is very poorly explained and thought out. So I wrote a rather long forty page diatribe about it, using examples from the books (and example characters in those books) to basically blast that aspect of the game. I was going to release it as a for-sale booklet (who's going to read forty pages online?) but then HERO went and announced a sixth edition, making the entire exercise pointless. Still, I think the point stands, and the pdf is available for all to read. Maybe they'll address the issue in the new edition.

The pdf is here.

(right-click and 'save as' if you will)


  1. The link doesnt work. :(
    I'd love to read this! thanks!

  2. aargh, I would love this.... James, where does it now reside?