Sunday, May 25, 2008

A few notes...

The ridiculous onslaught of content that this blog has started with will be more scattershot... just moved to a new city, and am playing the couch-surfing game for awhile until I get settled. I do want to say I'm amazed and thankful that people are reading (and commenting, and linking!), and it feels good to feel like I'm connecting with a larger community. I'm so used to my ideas being so outside-the-box that people look at me like a guy fling his own poo at the walls. (is it more or less weird if a guy is flinging someone else's poo at the walls?)

Long, long blogs? Not every day.

Checking email? Several times a day.

Writing for the next project? Probably more focused. :)

Funny that one of the people I'm staying with is an old AD&Der that hasn't played in about a decade. mwahahahahahah.

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