Monday, December 7, 2020

Free Shipping to UK Offer! Plus Updates...

 First the good stuff. Because this is the time of year we would have been at Dragonmeet, we're going to offer free shipping for all UK orders made through the LotFP EU webstore through December 15! 

Second... Facebook recently updated its interface, and the official LotFP page there is effectively unusable. The page was categorized as "Gaming" (LotFP is a gaming publisher, after all), but trying to post the sale update there today.. there's no more posting that I can find, and it's assuming that "Gaming" pages are used for video game streaming. Which would make it a dead page. If they can't fix it, I'm dumping Facebook entirely. So there's the LotFP Twitter (bleh) , and there is this blog. There are also the mailing lists from the LotFP webstores, but in an effort to not spam I only use that for actual release announcements.

I don't look at Twitter mentions and I'm not mental enough to leave comments open here, so I'm about to be very disconnected from everyone.

But looks like this blog might once again become my primary outlet for updates and "stuff."