Monday, February 23, 2015


36 items have been accepted:

Antikythera Mechanism
Binty Ball
Bone Puzzle Key
Bracelet of the Hydra
Brittle Calendar
Brush of Fading Light
Cocoon of the Space Spawn
Cornucopia of Flesh
Crystalline Weft
Cube of All Flesh
Egg of Etruscia
Fauchard's Crown of Infamy
Friendly Tea Set
Gemini Scissors
Invisible Hook
Liguori Torc
Melding Gate
Pistol of Wits
Prodigy Machine
Ragged Painting
Ring of Extrinsic Worth
Saluber Amminiculum
Siphon of Dreams
Skull of Saint Amphibalus
Stone of Xastur
Sweet Wine of the Insect Queen
Tablet of the Parcae
Testicular Sinister of the Monorchid Christ
Three Faces of Truth
Treeheart Shovel
Twinning Glass
Vial of the Truest Scents

If you submitted one of these and have not received my email, you need to let me know, either by email, or on G+, or Facebook, wherever. Not all of you even put your names on your submissions so I can't hunt you down if, say, your email got bounced back to me!

To the hundreds of people who submitted items that aren't on this list, I do apologize for the breach in etiquette but individually writing rejection notices would be a gigantic time sink and I'm not going to do it.

Just because I didn't select it for the Ref book doesn't mean it's bad or ill-thought out, just not what I'm looking for right now. I do encourage you to submit items I didn't accept to the Undercroft Zine, which is an independent LotFP zine that pays for submissions:

Comments can be left here.