Friday, December 5, 2014


You guys are melting my face. It's the best problem on Earth to have, but it is still a bit of a problem. If you've placed an order or are going to place an order PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE POST VERY CAREFULLY and if you see someone on social media having a problem with any of these things, let them know about this post.

  • I have received over 700 orders so far, and they're still coming in as I type this. I knew this was going to be a busy time, what with NSFW and DFD/Stargazer coupon redemptions, but holy balls this is going nuts. Over 570 Red & Pleasant Lands have been ordered by you people. This means that:
    •  It's going to take for-fucking-ever just to process all of these orders, let alone pack and ship them. You're going to need patience because I'm just one guy here.
    • If you have questions or problems GET IN TOUCH AND LET'S RESOLVE IT BEFORE YOU PLACE THE ORDER. With this many orders, playing cleanup with goofed orders is going to slow service down for everyone. Frankly your "I placed two orders can I get some money back for combined shipping?" emails are going to dealt with after things have been sent on their way.
    • It's possible I'm going to run out of copies of Red & Pleasant Land while I'm in England. (see below). 3000 were printed, with 1000 coming here to me and 2000 marked for distribution. The printer was asked to hold off on shipping the distro copies for a week for just this eventuality, so if the webstore runs out of stock, JUST SIT TIGHT. I can still get more, and you placing orders for other stuff and then placing another order once I get more RPL copies in is just going to result in double shipping charges for you.
  • The webstore's state-of-the-art (cough cough cough cough) software is wheezing under the strain and glitching at a rate of one out of every eight or nine orders or so, with the order going through and received fine on my end but the store isn't recognizing that a Paypal payment has been made so the order needs to be manually pushed to complete by me, I'm leaving for Dragonmeet in England in 30 minutes and will have limited, if any, internet connection until I return late late Sunday night. If your order has hung up, I will push them through then, sorry for the delays but not much can be done about it.
  • PS. PDF downloads on completed orders are found under the Account tab on the Webstore.
  • If you're one of my direct retail partners, sorry but your orders will be fulfilled after I've dealt with this crush; I'm not having you receive your packages after an international shipment and have items on sale while I haven't even finished shipping direct orders.
  • I've received some griping about this going forward while certain late projects are still late. THIS IS A COMPLETELY LEGITIMATE COMPLAINT. All I can say is right now only the Ref Book is lying fallow while I deal with the orders here. Everything else has people working on them and as soon as certain things are done I can announce them. (Been burned by announcing things upon agreement, rather than delivery, too many times...). But everyone on late projects will get a lot more than originally expecting. Yes, even on that project.