Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New LotFP Webstore Shipping Policy

'allo all...

LotFP's lifeblood is customers ordering directly from us. And I say "us," because while officially LotFP is just me, the fact is that every author and artist and graphic designer I work with is paid out of the money you spend on LotFP books and PDFs.

But postage rates rise every year (sometimes twice a year!) and that makes mail-order more and more difficult to afford for our customers, especially as LotFP's catalog grows and we add more hardcovers to the production schedule. I say enough is enough.

As of right now LotFP is capping shipping rates.

Nobody will pay more than 10€ for Economy/second class shipping. I'll eat any remaining cost in the hopes that customers will add more books to an order knowing that doing so won't cost them a penny more in shipping. We can both win that way. (There is a maximum weight of 1900g worth of stuff that can be put into this class of shipping, over that and it becomes a parcel.)

Priority/First class shipping will be capped at 20€ for EU customers and 25€ for non-EU customers. Non-EU customers' rates for tracked shipping and large parcels will be capped at 25€.

Shipping to Finnish addresses remains free.

If you see something in the store that's not consistent with the new policy, let me know at lotfp@lotfp.com so I can get it fixed.

And please spread the word if you're so inclined.