Wednesday, December 18, 2013

LotFP Sales: $2.50 PDFs, Free Shipping, + Updates

First off, sales...

All LotFP PDFs over at RPGNow have been reduced to $2.50 through Dec 30. Get those here.

The Finnish post office is raising rates AGAIN after the first of the year... so if you didn't grab everything last sale, here is your opportunity... all LotFP store orders 15€ or more get FREE Economy-class shipping if you use coupon code BASTARDS. Sale ends 11:59pm December 29th Finnish time. Buy that stuff here.

Statuses (statii?) of various LotFP projects:

Zzarchov's Scenic Dunnsmouth is dunn. Err, done. Laid out and everything. Waiting for the Ref book to be ready to go to press.

Zak's Red and Pleasant Land is in layout as we speak.

Kelvin Green has turned in everything for Forgive Us (formerly Horror Among Thieves), still needs editing, layout, etc.

Rients' Broodmother has rough layouts completed and the art is starting in.

Art has started on Rafael Chandler's No Salvation For Witches.

Michael Curtis' A Single Small Cut mini-adventure has just finished editing.

Thulian Echoes is still in editing.

Ref book is still top priority on my end, and that just keeps getting bigger and messier. It is not simply a polishing of the previous Ref book, it's a total rewrite, plus adding tons of new tools. I hope this isn't turning into a 400 page book, but... I should have the Tower and DFD reprints off to layout by the end of the year though. And when the Ref book is off to editing, I'll finally finish up Another Shitty Adventure and Tower of the Navelgazer.

There are a couple other things floating around (Conley's ECW sandbox, Brockie's Towers Two) that are having work continue on to make them more than what they currently are.

This backlog will clear sometime this decade. ssshhhiiittttt.

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