Thursday, September 12, 2013

Let's Get This Train Wreck Started: LotFP Ref Book Crowdfund Campaign!

The skinny:

  • New greatly expanded hardcover Ref book... and a new 4th printing of Death Frost Doom will be included with all Ref books thanks to pre-campaign sponsors!
  • Exclusive stuff like heavy-duty slipcases and Ref screens, a new Zzarchov adventure, T-shirt, special dice sets, note pads...
  • Add-ons which will change the book itself -- commentary by Kenneth Hite or Frank Mentzer or Michael Curtis or Zak S, or new monsters by Rafael Chandler and Aeron Alfrey...
  • Stretch goals which are voted on by backers, so if you want to influence how the book will be improved (color art? color layout? indexes? added editing services? more reprint adventures), back early!
  • Read the details - this campaign is set up much differently than most.

Support this effort here!

(Yannick Bouchard's wraparound cover art for the backer-exclusive version of the Ref book)

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