Tuesday, August 13, 2013


OK, all 700 or so packages with the Rules & Magic hardcover, Seclusium, Qelong, Fuck For Satan, etc etc have been mailed. FINALLY! So all orders made from now on will be promptly shipped.

OK, getting the next thing going...

For the Ref book, we're doing a fan collage as is found in punk and metal and etc. albums to be near the front of the book. "Join the hordes!" kind of thing, a way to let people browsing through the book in stores know that LotFP has a fanbase and it's not some unknown thing that'll get read and never used.

So... I want pictures of YOU wearing one of your LotFP shirts for inclusion in the collage! Send it to lotfp@lotfp.com (no more than 4mb filesize please) with the subject line COLLAGE. By submitting a pic you agree to the possibility that it will be published. Don't submit pics with people who have NOT given permission to have the pic published...

Deadline Oct 31.


  1. Awesome! Now I'll be able to grab up copies of FFS and Seclusium!

  2. Man, I just do not wear t-shirts, they cramp my style, this is like asking people to post photos of only wearing short shorts of nuthugging variety that cycling enthuists wear.