Sunday, June 16, 2013

Positive Notes

Aside from some dodgy LGS shenanigans detailed last post, I think Free RPG Day was a spectacular success!

Thousands of people got Better Than Any Man in their hands with no hassles, the "state of the art" in terms of the LotFP approach to magic, to monsters, to traps, to strange situations. It's out there in the world and gets to work its magic on peoples' games and imaginations.

It's the #1 hot item at Noble Knight, ahead of even Paizo's adventure (!!), but it looks like it's only #1 because the Star Wars thing sold out already. Still, I'll take the #1 spot no matter what the reason. It signifies interest and that's what the release was supposed to generate.

And the emails and reactions are already starting to come in as people look it over and make first impressions, and then actually read the darn thing. Getting "I haven't gamed in forever, but it looks like LotFP is going to bring me back" emails is a thing, believe it or not.

That the adventure is finally out there being out is a huge relief. It went to the printer months ago, and with everything else I pretty much get to release it immediately when it's finished and start getting the "It's great!/It sucks!" responses right away. This one? I had to wait. How do filmmakers and musicians who need to wait many months or years after wrapping a project up to get public feedback deal with it?

It's also a big relief that the project that began as Insect Shrine of Goblin Hill back in 2008 is finally OUT THE GODDAMN DOOR. I almost cursed Better Than Any Man by putting the Insect Shrine material in there, to the point where I was much later than I needed to be in getting it done. But it got done. argh.

So the next things out will be the new Rules & Magic hardcover, Vincent Baker's Seclusium in hardcover, Kenneth Hite's Qelong in living soft cover, and Adventure Number Ten. All are at the printer now.

Fun times ahead, people. Fun times ahead.

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