Thursday, January 10, 2013

Plug Plug! Sorcerer Kickstarter + Grindhouse PDF Sale!

First up, 8 days left in the Sorcerer Upgrade Kickstarter. $25 + shipping gets you TWO BOOKS (rulebook + supplements book) and it's funded so no guessery about the whole thing.

Bbbuuuutttttt... one of the $50 perk levels is this: "If 20 people pledge for this reward, then Jim Raggi and [Ron Edwards] conduct an unrehearsed, topic-unlimited, candid, and complete conversation to be posted online."

Sound good to you? Go for it.


The LotFP Grindhouse set is 40% off over at DriveThruRPG as part of their New Year, New Game promotion. Sale lasts until January 14.

Remember if you order the Grindhouse Edition now (in any format), you can re-download the PDF when the art and everything is ready for the new layout.