Friday, June 8, 2012

It's Coming...

The Grand Adventure Campaigns!
July 1 - 30

(art by Jason Rainville)

18 different adventures in separate crowdfunding campaigns running simultaneously. Support one or two or a few more, or go for the big discount (up to 51% off) by supporting all of them. Up to you. No "waiting in line" for adventures; each will stand or fall on its own.

The lineup:

Aeron Alfrey

Vincent Baker with Cynthia Sheppard
Johnathan Bingham
Dave Brockie
Monte Cook with Eric Lofgren
James Desborough with Satine Phoenix
Kelvin Green

Cynthia Celeste Miller with Rowena Aitken
Kevin Crawford with Earl Geier
Michael Curtis with Amos Orion Sterns
Richard Pett with Michael Syrigos
Mike Pohjola with Joel Sammallahti
Juhani Seppälä with Rich Longmore
Jeff and Joel Sparks with Mark Allen
Jennifer Steen with Jason Rainville
Jukka Särkijärvi with Jason Rainville

Read more about the pricing, format, and all the reasons why this is happening here.


  1. Will you be able to put up blurbs about the individual adventures before the campaigns kick off?

  2. Yes. I've only gotten official blurbs from three of the writers so far, and casual descriptions from another handful. But before July 1, definitely.

  3. Will these adventures be geared towards the weird fantasy style, or will they be whatever the author feels like writing? That is, for example, will it be Maliszewski's take on a LotFP adventure or Maliszewski's take on a Maliszewski adventure? If that makes sense.

  4. The synopses I've received so far seem to be in the spirit of LotFP, for various values of "in the spirit of LotFP". One is sci-fi taking place on and in an asteroid and seems like it could be out of Heavy Metal.

    I have asked for something "creepy or horrific" but the writer is allowed to decide for themselves what that means... (anything from Scooby Doo to Cannibal Holocaust, right? :D)

  5. ...and which one is the Scooby Doo one?

  6. Desborough's doing something he's calling Machinations of the Space Princess.

    Nobody's submitted a Scooby Doo scenario yet, point of saying that was it really is up to the individual author how to handle things.