Thursday, February 2, 2012

Update: Monolith and The God that Crawls

Works continues on the Monolith but instead of waiting on a few things I'm pushing forward and plan to release another adventure along with it.

So there will be The Monolith from beyond Space and Time, a 32 page adventure for levels 0-, with Kenneth Hite writing some for it, and all art by Aeron Alfrey.

There will also be The God that Crawls, an adventure for levels 1-3. I'm talking to the printer tomorrow about physical format specifics but I have the idea that it'll be 16 pages + a pullout section with maps. Jason Rainville will handle all the art for this one.

Monolith can be dropped into any campaign, and while God that Crawls will fit into 95% of campaigns out there, it will have some setting background info you'll need to customize for your home game (it features a church, you'll need to adapt it to a religion in your campaign, that's all).

More details to come, and when I have all the costs and budgets fixed I do believe I'll be doing an IndieGoGo pre-order/fundraiser campaign with all sorts of (hopefully) fun perks.

Both adventures have been played but once all the "for publication" spice has been added I'll be running them online for whoever wants to play.

I hope to have these to press in early April but seeing as this is LotFP just mentioning a deadline guarantees missing it. We'll see. Done when they're done, but shooting for early April print date.

For those of you who submitted adventure pitches and other things, everything's still in my inbox, but when I'm on a roll I really need to stay on that roll. You'll hear from me hopefully soonish.

Don't worry Refs, soon enough you'll get to see the look of wild terror in your players' faces when you tell them "I just got the new Raggi adventures!" It's been awhile.

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  1. "I'll be running them online for whoever wants to play."

    I'm totally in!