Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Perspective of a Non-Gamer and Other Silly Stories

So I'm discussing my advertising plans with Maria. I've taken out paid ads in Fight On! and EN World and to get awareness up (wherever they argue about Old School, I am there!), and I was looking at a few other things as well.

One of those things was Kobold Quarterly. I explained to Maria that it's out of my budget right now... and she started laughing.

Big loud laughing.


"Kobold Quarterly is the most ridiculous name for a publication!"

... and I hadn't ever thought twice about it.

I also got a telemarketing call from a salesman trying to sell me Kauppalehti, a Finnish business newspaper. No need, thanks, but the guy made sure to tell me that he was looking forward to making the call to me anyway because of the unusual name of my business. hmph. It's supposed to attract odd imaginative people, not telemarketers. :P

But it looks cool on a Mastercard. :D

Work continues tonight on Insect Shrine. My main issue is making sure the Insect Shrine doesn't look or feel like the Duvan'Ku shrine in Death Frost Doom. I tend to work along a set number of ideas, which will become an issue because the following project's locale bears a lot of similarity to the 'home base' in Insect Shrine. Ah well, gotta have some creative signatures I suppose.

My mailer idea fell through. I was thinking that just using normal envelopes is a real risk when sending merchandise overseas, and it's a minor miracle that nobody's reported a shredded arrival. I had my printer price cardboard protective mailers with the Insect Shrine cover printed on one side just to make ordering from me even more festive... but the price came in at almost 2€ each unless I ordered more than a thousand. No way. I'll look elsewhere for protective mailers, and unfortunately they'll just do the job, and not be a party in your mailbox.

And I've promised Chgowiz a review on his S&W Quick Start which I need to do sometime soon as well (my angle: Who is it intended for and how well does address them, and how well do the intro rules and starter dungeon represent traditional gaming?).


  1. It would almost be worth it to call a business "I Put On My Robe and Wizard Hat".

  2. Well, a guy has to make a living; could well be that the telemarketer is a imaginative person with a boring job. ;)