Friday, August 28, 2009

No Dignity in Death: The Three Brides is #1 at Noble Knight

Pathfinder is #2. I was thinking Pathfinder was going to have to sell out for NDiD to reach the top spot.


*does a little dance*


Also as I type, five of the top ten over at Noble Knight are LotFP releases.

(interesting that according to the "
Customers who bought this item also bought:" lists, I'm not getting casual browsers at all on NK or very much on RPGNow... you're showing up for my stuff, buying, and leaving. If I had a lick of business sense I'm sure that would mean something significant!)

Thanks everyone. :D Carry on.


  1. Good thing I woke up early. A wargame magazine has overtaken us both now.

  2. Short but sweet! It's still an awesome achievement, congratulations James!

  3. It means, simply, that the last product you put out was good enough that people who saw it are more than willing to seek out your new material and give it a try.

    You have fans, dude.