Sunday, August 30, 2009

OK, International Readers... tell me about Your Local RPG Webstores!

For North America, I've got Noble Knight.
For Finland, I've got Arkkikivi.

If you're in these territories, I'm good. But I want to expand that network.

Who are the internet RPG sellers in your country?


  1. Leisure Games is probably the best known online game vendor in Britain. Infinity Games is another, though I rarely use them. It used to be possible to order through the Travelling Man and the Forbidden Planet, but the former no longer seems to have an online shop and I am having difficulty finding much RPG material for online sale via the latter.

  2. Does Orc's Nest have a decent reputation?

  3. I've been buying from Military Simulations in Australia for almost 25 years.

  4. I've been buying from Milsims for about 20 years too.

  5. Does Orc's Nest have a decent reputation?

    Not with me. :D They do not carry any simulacrum games as far as I know. I saw a few Advanced Adventures in there a couple of years ago, but the manager had basically ordered them accidentally, thinking they were D20. When I tried to get him to order in some newer ones for me, he was not very enthusiastic or helpful.

    To be fair, they just are not interested in ordering anything that might be a risk. The London store (which is the only one, I think, but I could be wrong) is very professional and well stocked with mainstream material. So, I would say that they have a good reputation as a business, though I have heard other grumblings about unhelpful staff.