Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pathfinder Can Run, But It Can't Hide

I have four books in the "Most Popular" rankings over at Noble Knight.

Before I continue on in my delusions of grandeur, first let me say thanks to all of you that put those books in the rankings. In the grand scheme of things, I know that ranking high in sales at one vendor is only a minor thing.

But I also know that ranking at one vendor is much better than ranking at none. Especially when it's the only official print vendor I'm working with so far (get the webstore updated, Eero...).

Pathfinder was already out of stock over at Noble Knight when my stuff became available, and I was sweating for a couple days as I waited for things to appear in the rankings. When Grognardia's review hit, everything jumped up the rankings immediately.

And when Pathfinder came back in stock, it was #1 immediately, again, and as such bumped all my stuff down a spot.

But this morning, No Dignity in Death and Death Frost Doom climbed up again. They're closing in on Pathfinder. Its days on top are numbered!

And before I end this post I want to thank all of you that are going to allow those two books to overtake the big bad book and its little bonus bestiary, too.

After midnight tonight (Helsinki time), the PDF edition of Green Devil Face #3 will go on sale at Your Games Now and RPGNow. After midnight tomorrow night, the PDFs of No Dignity in Death and People of Pembrooktonshire will go on sale at those places. I look forwarding to almost but not quite hitting the top spot there as well. Again. :P

In other vendor news, RC Pinnell's Sanctum of the Stone Giant Lord has debuted at Noble Knight. As a continuation/side quest of the original G-series, it's about as good, and true to the general atmosphere of the original series, as you're going to get without traveling back to the late 70s and actually prodding Gygax to follow up on that unresolved plot thread.

In other LotFP news, I'm looking at protective mailers and a banner for future convention appearances. (stop the presses for that news, eh?)


  1. Congrats! I'm glad to see the OSR really branching out beyond the nostalgia factor. I'm not sure if you've done so already (I'm kinda too lazy to look), but a I'd be interested in your processes for self publishing. I've got some ideas but kind of daunted at the prospect of doing a whole project myself.

  2. #2 with No Dignity in Death! W00T!

    My new Finnish vendor deals a lot with Forge ganes (I can hear Sett convulsing all the way from here) and he suggested I do a little essay for the Publishing forum over there (don't worry, I don't put any stock in their theories, but they do have a lot of knowledge to share about self-publishing). I tried putting something together, but it was rambly and incoherent (like that one Alignment post rambly).

    So the Arkkikivi guy is going to help me out organizing my thoughts (his suggestion, and he knows the Forge format and what they're looking for more than I do), and when that's ready I'll link it here.

  3. That would be much appreciated!

  4. Just got your adventures and zines here in NM! Congrats on the sales ranking.