Wednesday, October 28, 2015

New Shirt Designs Available + Other News

New Astral Fear and Spiked LotFP T-Shirts now available from Noble Knight Games! Classic fit sizes S-XXXL and Ladies fit sizes S-XL! The designs are screen printed on black Gildan Heavy Cotton shirts!

If ordering from the US is more convenient/cheaper/faster for you than ordering from Finland, Noble Knight is the place to get these shirts. If it isn't, LotFP will be selling the shirts direct soon...

If you need shirts (or hats, or hoodies, or sweat pants, or back patches...) done, I highly recommend Liberated Images out of Massachussetts. Proper screen-printed work, quickly done and they even are good at dealing with the difficulties of international shipping. Linked is their Instagram with photos of their completed work (which itself has a link to their sales website).

Also, A Red & Pleasant Land has won the IndieCade 2015 Jury Special Recognition Award!

Also also, reprints of Carcosa, Death Love Doom, Tales of the Scarecrow, and The Magnificent Joop van Ooms out soon!


  1. Now that you have baited us...
    Will there be changes/ updates in the mentioned reprints?
    Tales is on the horizon for my players, would delaying be advantageous?

    1. (ack, I usually turn the comments on the blog off, I hate working in this interface...)

      They are straight reprints. Carcosa has a normal cover format and some typos corrected, otherwise no changes in any of the books.